UCLA Surgical Education
UCLA Surgical Education

Survival Guide for the Surgical Team

OrientationWelcome to the UCLA Department of Surgery and the beginning of your surgical internship.

Contained within you will find some information that loosely falls under the classification of "I wish someone had told me that at the beginning of my internship!"

This information has been acquired through an infamous series of trial and error experiences suffered by the authors.

This Eighth Edition continues an idea originated by Doctors Sarkar, Borud, and Walker. It was later revised and enhanced by Dr. Toyama, Dr. Dunn, Dr. Blinman and Dr. Rigberg , Dr. Foster and Dr. Heisler, Dr Anselmo, Dr. Yoon, Dr. Duffy, Dr.O'Connell, Dr. Lavu and most recently by Drs. Brenner and Jim.

Who Was Doctor Firestone?
The information presented here should not be misconstrued to reflect official policy of UCLA, the Department of Surgery, any particular attending, or the House Staff (except the ones who wrote it).

It is just a collection of ideas that try to make sense out of seemingly incomprehensible situations. Use it as you will.

And may one of you take it upon yourself to produce the next edition.


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