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Pediatric Limb & Hand Center

The UCLA Pediatric Limb and Hand Center, a collaborative effort between the UCLA Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and the UCLA Department of Orthopedic Surgery, provides comprehensive treatment for all congenital and acquired disorders of the upper and lower extremity. Specific disorders treated include:

Syndactyly (webbed fingers and toes)
Congenital absence of fingers and/or thumbs
Congenital finger or thumb deficiencies
Radial club hand
Ulnar club hand
Congenital trigger thumbs and digits
Constriction band syndrome
Central hand deficiencies (cleft hand deformity)
Congenital bent fingers (camptodactyly, clinodactyly)
Duplicate thumbs and/or fingers
Enlarged digits (macrodactyly)
Forearm rotation problems

Dr. Prosper Benhaim

Outpatients are seen in the Orthopedic Surgery Center (Hand Center) in Suite 140 in the 200 Medical Plaza Office Building on the UCLA campus, across the street from the UCLA Center for Health Sciences in Westwood, CA.

Surgery is performed in the UCLA Hospital main operating room in the UCLA Center for Health Sciences or in the UCLA Outpatient Surgery Center on the 6th floor of the 200 Medical Plaza Office Building.

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