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Patient Appointments
Abbas Ardehali, M.D.
Phone - (310) 825-5841
Fax - (310) 206-3506
Peyman Benharash, M.D.
Phone -
Fax -
Reshma Biniwale, M.D.
Phone -
Fax -
Robert Cameron, M.D.
Phone - (310) 794-7333

E. Carmack Holmes, M.D.
Phone - (310) 206-2105
Fax - (310) 206-8823
Murray Kwon M.D.
Phone - (310) 825-5758
Fax - (310) 825-5677
Hillel Laks, M.D.
Phone - (310) 206-1837
Phone - (310) 206-1852
Fax - (310) 206-0852
Jay Moon Lee, M.D.
Phone - (310) 794-7333
Fax - (310) 794-7335
Richard Shemin, M.D.
Phone - (310) 206-8232
Fax - (310) 825-7473

Center Hours
Monday - Friday
8:00am - 5:00pm

Mailing Address
UCLA Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
10833 LeConte
Los Angeles, California 90095

UCLA Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
10833 LeConte, 67-123 CHS
Los Angeles, California 90095

If you have never been a patient at UCLA, you must obtain a UCLA ID number prior to making an appointment, by calling (310)206-6691. Please have your insurance information available when you call.

Medical Center Operator

Medical Center Page Operator

Accepted Insurance Companies
Please contact your insurance carrier for this information. The phone number for Customer Service is on the back of your insurance card. Ask your customer service representative if our physicians are accepted providers for your policy.

Abundant parking has been reserved for patients in the parking structures beneath and directly behind the Medical Plaza.

Signs will direct you where to park for the Medical Plaza Buildings. Parking for patients with disabilities is located in the first underground level (B1 level) and on the first level in clearly marked areas.

Patient escorts are available to assist you with wheelchair transportation at the first floor Plaza entrance at the B1 parking area.

Patient parking is $7.00 per entry.

For patients who use UCLA Medical Plaza services frequently, 10-day and 30-day parking passes are available at significantly reduced rates. For more information, call (310)794-1276.

If you or your family members should need to stay overnight in the Westwood area while receiving care at UCLA, consider either the Tiverton House or the UCLA Guest House.

Tiverton House is located directly across from UCLA Medical Center and within walking distance of UCLA Medical Plaza. Free shuttle service is available from Tiverton House to the Medical Center and the Medical Plaza. For information, call (310)794-0280.

UCLA Physician Referral service
If you require assistance with making an appointment with a specialist, the nurses at the Physician Referral Service will assist you.

The Physician referral Service is open from 8:00 am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. For assistance, call (800)UCLA-MD1 or (800)825-2631.

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