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Cardiothoracic Patient Information

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What to Expect After Heart Surgery
Includes Information on what experiences are normal after having heart surgery.

Care of Your Incision
Includes information regarding the proper method of caring for your incision.

Care of Your Surgical Leg
Includes information regarding the elastic stocking (Ted Hose).

Includes information regarding possible side effects of your medications.

Cardiac Surgery Discharge Concerns Decision Tree
Includes information on what to do in the most commonly occurring situations after having heart surgery.

Includes information on what activities are allowed following cardiac surgery, and when you may resume your normal activities.

Cardiac Rehabilitation
Includes information on the different phases involved in cardiac rehabilitation.

Includes information on the dietary needs of a post-operative cardiac patient.

Glossary of Heart Surgery Terms
A glossary of common terms used in heart surgery.

Cardiothoracic Surgery

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