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Description of Clinical Program
The division of Cardiothoracic surgery plays a key role in the UCLA Cardiac Arrhythmia Center which is a multidisciplinary team of electrophysiologists, cardiac surgeons, cardiologists and nurse specialists addressing patients with brady and tachyarryhthmias and heart failure.

The team provides comprehensive management for all electrophysiological disorders of the heart using pharmacological and ablative intervention. Expertise includes catheter and surgical-based ablation, pacemaker and ICD therapy, biventricular resynchronization for heart failure and totally endoscopic and computer (robotic) assisted ablation for atrial fibrillation.

Our congenital and pediatric population require special anatomic routes and unique approaches for lead generator implantation.

Divisional expertise in congenital and valvular heart surgery provide patients presenting with associated electrophysiological disorders (in particular, atrial flutter and fibrillation) the benefit of adjunctive Cox-maze operations using traditional cut and sew methods and ablation using a variety of energy sources.

In collaboration with CASIT, there is active ongoing basic and translational research in developing new techniques, devices and minimally invasive and intrusive therapies for electrophysiological disorders - atrail fibrillation, in particular. This relies on extensive partnerships with industry and bioengineers.

In light of the mushrooming indications for device implantation we serve as a regional center for cardiovascular lead generator and lead extraction.

Our surgeons work hand in hand with our electrophysiological colleagues in the operating and catherterization suites thereby providing state-of-the-art therapy and expert care to our patients.

Cardiac Surgery

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